At St Mary’s we believe wellbeing is best achieved within a school community that is safe, supportive, inclusive and empowering. It is about building community through a sense of relationships and preparing our children to live a happy and fulfilling life within a community.


We do this by:

  • Encouraging positive relationships between all members of our community.
  • Collaboratively implementing a whole school approach to Positive Behaviour Management
  • Using a Restorative Approach to behaviour management through which we concentrate on repairing the harm caused and restoring the relationship
  • Involving students in social & emotional learning to develop and enhance life skills. This is done through Circle Time sessions as well as involvement in small group programs such as Peaceful Kids and Seasons for Growth
  • Running a vibrant and engaging Buddy program for our Prep and Year 6 students
  • Running an active Student Leadership Program which includes having a Junior School Council with representatives from Year 1 - 6, Year 6 leaders including School, House, Social Justice, Wellbeing, Choir and Sport leaders
  • Organising regular Parent Support Group meetings to ensure we are providing ongoing and effective support for our parents of students with special needs.
  • Acknowledging National Days of awareness, including: National Day of Action against Bullying & Violence, Better Buddy Day, Happiness and Kindness Day and Red Day for Child Safety.
  • Involving students and parents in a thorough transition program that goes from Kinder to Year 7
  • Engaging a School Psychologist

At St. Mary's we are committed to maintaining a culture of child safety by actively implementing strategies in accordance with our moral and legal obligations and demonstrate this through everyday life at the school, guided by the documents listed below.
Our Child Safety Officer is Margaret Masseni (Deputy Principal & Student Wellbeing Leader).


St. Mary's School Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct


St. Mary's School Child Safety Policy


St. Mary's School PROTECT - Reporting Obligations Policy

Child Safety Policy - Student Version

School practices and processes related to student participation and empowerment in matters related to child safety and wellbeing.