Religious Education

Education in Faith    


At St. Mary’s, Altona the  focus for the education of students is directed towards the development of the whole person, and the curriculum is the basis for the understanding of values, life, culture and faith within a Catholic framework.


Our focus is on the faith development of our students and ensuring religion and the gospel values are integrated into the teaching of all learning areas.

Our Religious Education is developed within a Faith Life Integrated process. These units of work bring together the learning we do of our religion and faith, with the learning we do of the world. Scripture and the stories of the faith tradition are key elements of our Faith Life units.

The curriculum draws from Scripture and the Catholic tradition of the Universal Church. It fosters an understanding of young people as they grow and mature in contemporary society. Its content includes a strong social justice focus. Religious Education is also woven into the daily life of the school through formal religion lessons. The integration of Christian attitudes and values are linked into all curriculum areas and the encouragement to live fully Christian lives is promoted.


School Liturgies                                                                                    


Celebrating our faith through liturgy is an important component of school life at St. Mary’s, Altona. Opportunities for experiencing prayer and celebrating liturgy are regularly provided for the whole school community.

Each class is regularly rostered on during the school year to attend Mass at 9.15am at the parish church; Mary, Help of Christians. Parents and families are invited to share in this celebration.


Various liturgical events are celebrated throughout the year:

  • Opening School Mass
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Mother’s Day Parish Mass
  • Feast of Mary, Help of Christians
  • Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Grandparents Day Mass
  • Feast of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop
  • Father’s Day Parish Mass
  • Graduation Mass
  • End of Year Mass

During the important liturgical seasons of the year such as Lent and Advent, there are weekly prayer liturgies. Parents and families are welcome to join with us in these celebrations and are notified in the weekly newsletters and on the school web page.



At St Mary’s Altona, Catholic students are prepared for the Sacraments as part of a class program. There is an expectation of significant parental involvement.

Students receive the Sacraments in the following years:

Reconciliation – Year 3

First Eucharist – Year 3

Confirmation – Year 6.

We celebrate the students’ reception of each sacrament as an important stage in their faith journey.