At St Mary’s:

  • we believe that Mathematics is pivotal in providing all students with the vital skills and proficiencies needed to successfully tackle problems in the real world
  • our Mathematical learning and teaching considers the individual child and caters for their needs through a differentiated evidence informed approach to learning and teaching
  • we value and undertake Pre and Post assessments to ascertain entry points of individual students and to monitor growth and progress in their learning of Mathematics
  • we dedicate a daily one hour lesson where students engage in focused teaching at point of need and participate in  Mathematical investigations including sharing strategies and processes when solving problems
  • we consult the Victorian Curriculum to guide our planning, learning and teaching in the following areas: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry & Statistics and Probability

Through our differentiated approach we aim to:

  • develop confidence in all students
  • teach at point of need based on assessment data
  • provide opportunities for students to explore and engage in productive challenges
  • allow students to verbalise and share the ways they tackle problems and work towards answers
  • celebrate all mathematical learning