Parents & Friends Mtg: Wednesday 26th February

The Parents and Friends are an essential part of our school community at St Mary’s Primary School, Altona. All parents are invited to become members of the Parents and Friends' Association.Please join us at our first Parents and Friends meeting for 2020 at 7.30pm in the staff room this Wed 26th Feb

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MASS & BBQ: 22nd February

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our Opening of the School Year mass. How wonderful to see our 2020 leaders receive their badges and plegde their willingness to lead our school. Our Preps put on a great performance~very cute~including the toddler who came to hug his big sister mid song.

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School photos will be taken on Tuesday 3rd March.Envelopes have been sent home with students.You will have received a photo envelope for each of your children.Sibling photos will also be taken on the day.  A separate envelope, available at the School Office, needs to be submitted for these.

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Safety at the Beach

What a wonderful day we had for our Year 5/6 beach program run by Lifesaving Victoria staff at the Altona beach. Students were involved in activities that required them to save someone in distress, paddle board, boogey board and play beach flag games.Excitement was high!  

Wellbeing News: Daily lessons in Resilience

It’s in our reactions to children’s and young people’s every day mistakes, mess-ups, muck-ups and hurts where the real lessons in resilience lay. What messages do you give your kids when they make a mistake or have something uncomfortable to deal with. Do they sort things our for themselves? 

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Thanks to everyone who came along in an active way last Tuesday. Although it was a little cold and damp, many families either joined our Walking School buses or walked or rode to school by themselves or with friends.Our next Walk Ride to School day is on 13th March ~ National Ride to School Day.

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This week's WOW is UNISON! Unison - two or more people doing something at the same time.  Synonyms: simultaneously, harmony, all at once. The violinists played the tune in unison.  "Good morning" said the students in unison.

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District Swimming

Congratulations to our many Year 3 - 6 students who competed at the District Swimming Carnival this week. Everyone swam their heart out and did their best. Congrats to the students who came away with ribbons on the day, many of whom will cpmpete at the Divisional Carnival in March.

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Inquiry Based Learning

Each level team will once again meet with Educational Consultant, Jeni Wilson, who has been working with us for 6 months on building teacher knowledge and skills in the Inquiry Approach to Learning.  Our students are benefitting greatly as our learning becomes visible in each classroom.

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Opening times for 2020: Tuesday 8.30am – 9.00am  Thursday 2.30pm to 3.00pm  Orders via email (found on uniform order form) can still be placed at any time. Please remember the Uniform Shop is Cash or Direct Debit ONLY

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Care Monkey

PLEASE remember to ensure that your details (Address, Emergency Contacts, Phone Numbers, Doctors, Medical Conditions etc) are up to date on  your child's CareMonkey profile.  The new school year is starting and it's the perfect time to check it out!  

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At St. Mary's we are committed to maintaining a culture of child safety. We implement strategies which demonstrate this through everyday life at the school, guided by the documents listed in the 'Read More' section. Our Child Safety Officer is Margaret Masseni (DP & Wellbeing Leader)  

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