WELCOME TO Term 1 2020

Our 2020 school year will begin for students on Wednesday 29th January at 8.45am.We will begin the day with a short assembly on the netball court. Once the students are in their classrooms, family and friends are invited to join together in the hall for morning tea.

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Holidays can take students away from friends and their usual school supports.  Changes to routine can cause some young people to feel stressed, isolated and alone. Parent support is very important at this time. 

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Uniform Shop: Open Tuesday 28th Jan

Our Uniform Shop will be open tomorrow (Tuesday 28th Jan) from 11am to 1 pm. N.B Change of hours for 2020: This year the Uniform Shop will be open on Tuesday 8.30am – 9.00am and Thursday 2.30pm to 3.00pm. Orders can be placed at any time. An order form is available on the School Website.    

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Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform.   If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform on a particular day, please inform their class teacher by sending a note or an email.   Please note that tracksuit pants should only be worn on PE and Sport days.    

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Just a reminder that hats must be worn through until the end of April.   Hats should be school legionnaire style or broad brimmed in keeping with our sun smart policy.   Please ensure that you children have the correct hat to wear.....NO HAT, NO PLAY.

Care Monkey

PLEASE remember to ensure that your details (Address, Emergency Contacts, Phone Numbers, Doctors, Medical Conditions etc) are up to date on  your child's CareMonkey profile.  The new school year is starting and it's the perfect time to check it out!  

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At St. Mary's we are committed to maintaining a culture of child safety. We implement strategies which demonstrate this through everyday life at the school, guided by the documents listed in the 'Read More' section. Our Child Safety Officer is Margaret Masseni (DP & Wellbeing Leader)  

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FUN AND FITNESS will resume in March 2020. Look out for further details in future newsletters.It will be held on Wednesday mornings 8 - 8.30am on the basketball court.  

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Child Safety Policy: Student Version

Our Journey...We understand that it is important to ensure and guarantee children’s safety within the community and the school. We also think it is important  that all students know about Child Safety.  So the JSC discussed who needs to be kept safe and how we can do that and we decided...

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School Prayer

Our Year 5/6 students along with the JSC worked together with Mrs Olive Chodowski to create a school prayer. It is included at the beginning of our school assemblies, said within classroom prayer times and at school masses.  

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