Year Five / Six


We have been enjoying practicing our Kung-Fu punctuation and looking at how we can use punctuation to enhance our writing using the VCOP and Big Write program.


In Integrated Studies, we have been exploring the impacts of plastic on our world. We are working towards understanding how we can act sustainably in our purchasing habits and in our use of products. Today, we are at CERES for a special environmental excursion.


Our Year 5/6 teachers for 2022 are:


Year 5/6L: Brenda Lycke

Brenda joined the St. Mary's staff after working as an emergency teacher with us.  In her first year Brenda taught Year 3/4, last year Year 4/5 and this year Year 5/6.  As well as teaching Year 5/6, Brenda is our Literacy Leader.



Year 5/6C: Tim Creak

Tim joined St. Mary's staff last year as a Year 5/6 teacher.  He is looking forward to teaching our wonderful Year 5/6s again this year.


Year 5/6KF: Tony Freeman and Jane Kirkwood

The teaching of Year 5/6KF will be shared this year by Tony Freeman (Monday - Wednesday), who joined the St. Mary's staff last year and Jane Kirkwood (Thursday & Friday) who has been on staff for a number of years working in a variety of year levels.  As well as teaching 5/6KF, Tony is also our Maths Leader.




Year 5/6HK: Corina Kapusta and Carol Hicks


Corina and Carol have been with St Mary's for many years and are happy to be joining Year 5/6HK (formerly 5/6M).

Carol will be with the class on Mondays and Corina will be in on Tuesday - Friday. 



Our Year 5/6s will be supported in their learning by teachers Carol Hicks and Matt Taylor and Learning Support Officer, Maree Ryan. Carol and Maree have been at St. Mary's for many years and have worked across all levels of the school.  Matt has taught Year 5/6 with us in the past and is now also our Learning & Teaching and Religious Education Leader.