At St Mary’s we believe that Literacy is the cornerstone of a child’s ability to learn and succeed in all areas of their lives.

At St Mary’s we strive to ensure that all students succeed to the best of their abilities in Literacy. By communicating effectively with others and having the skills to make sense of their world, they will be equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

At St Mary’s, students participate in a daily two hour uninterrupted Literacy block which involves a variety of rich activities and experiences that teach and develop:

  • Reading and comprehension skills
  • A love of literature
  • Writing skills including a knowledge of genre, punctuation and grammar
  • Spelling using the SMART spelling approach
  • An understanding of how words and letters work e.g. phonics, word study
  • Oral language skills
  • Handwriting skills

At St Mary’s, we use the Victorian Curriculum as a basis for our teaching. Student data (formal and informal assessment) is used to identify specific needs so that targeted teaching can be


Targeted Literacy Intervention is provided at all year levels, provided by our Reading Intervention Teacher and Learning Support Officers.