School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is a representative group of parents and teacher who meet regularyly to review policies and discuss relevant issues. You are encouraged to contact a Council member if you would like an issue raised at one of the meetings. 


The current Board membership is:

Parish Priest: 

Archpriest Michael Kalka:  9398 2964



Mrs Sonia Riccardi:  9398 4842


Staff Representative: 
Mrs Carol Hicks         


Parent Representatives:

Mrs Natasha Devetak 

Mr Chris Dowling

Ms Leonie Duane 

Mrs Merilyn Fischer

Mrs Lauren Belton

Mrs Aggie Brazenor

Ms Marita Mercer



Due to the recent changes in governance of Catholic school in Melbourne, we are currently working on establishing our new Terms of Reference. Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 27 October at 7pm. Parents are encouraged to attend and become involved.


Feel free to contact any of our Council members for more information.