Year One / Two


What our Year 1/2s are learning this term...



Reading and Viewing 

We will be continuing with the Little Learners Love Literacy program and helping develop the students’ knowledge of letters and sounds with a focus on the various ways long vowels are represented e.g. a, ay, ey, aigh. Through practice and repetition, including using decodable texts, students will be able to use this knowledge when reading, writing and spelling. With the use of good literature, we will focus on comprehension skills so that students can understand, infer and respond to texts that they have either read, heard or seen.



Along with our unit of inquiry this term, we will be looking at the process of persuasive writing with the guiding question, “How  can we encourage the wider community to revise their water usage?” The students will be given the opportunity to learn more about the types of language used in these types of texts and about the features and layouts of simple persuasive texts.



This term we will be using the SMART spelling program. Each week students will work on a set of new words both at school and then revision for home learning. 


Speaking and Listening 

This term, children will develop their speaking and listening skills through Share Time, formulating and asking good questions and  role plays as well as involvement in partner, group and class discussions.



Number and Algebra 

Addition and Subtraction

We will begin the term looking at addition and subtraction. Students will be learning how to solve simple addition and subtraction problems using a range of strategies including counting on, partitioning and rearranging parts. They will explore the connection between addition and subtraction. They will be assisted with solving problems through the use of concrete materials such as counters and blocks and given opportunities to do this both digitally and manually (paper and pencil).


Measurement and Geometry  


They will compare and order several shapes and objects based on capacity using appropriate uniform, informal units.


Statistics and Probability 


Students will be representing their findings from their inquiries about water. They will do this by creating displays of data, using lists, tables and  picture graphs. Students will be given the opportunity to interpret their own and others data displays. 



This term, to complement our Integrated unit, we are focusing on being ‘Stewards of Creation’. We will explore how God gave us water and how it is our responsibility to look after this now, and into the future. We will look at the Creation story and unpack how this story is an important scripture reference for us in understanding how we can look after our environment and as a way to show thanks and love to God.


Social and Emotional Capabilities

This term students will be participating in Circle Time sessions, where the focus will be building positive relationships and developing how we can resolve conflict. We will be further exploring  ‘Zones of Regulation’ to help everyone at St Mary’s be and stay positive. We will be looking at how we feel, have daily check-ins as well as build and use our ‘toolboxes’ to help us move from one zone to the other.


Integrated - Water Warriors

Our unit this term will focus on how we can have a positive impact on water usage. We will begin this unit by immersing ourselves in an Incursion held by ‘Mad about Science’.  In this experience we begin to learn about the properties of water and the water cycle and its process, focusing on the key language and terms used. From here, we will have an investigation looking at how we use water at home and at school. Then, we will implement an action based on what we have discovered about how we can improve our water usage. 


Digital Technology

This term the students will further familiarise themselves with the using digital technologies for learning. They will be learning how to use Google Docs to enhance their publishing. They will be given opportunities to continue working through Reading Eggs. They will periodically use Seesaw to upload learning and use various apps to display knowledge. Using digital technology safely will also be a focus.