Year One / Two


It was so lovely to have our mums or special women in our lives join us last week for Mother’s Day Mass and some activities in the classroom. We had wonderful day and hope all the mums enjoyed a special day on Sunday.


We have been enjoying learning about explanation writing and used The Very Hungry Caterpillar to immerse ourselves in this. We are trying really hard to use correct letter formation in our writing.


We are enjoying learning about Habitats and are looking forward to our trip to the Werribee Zoo this Friday.



Our Year 1/2 teachers for 2022 are:


1/2RT: Ronnie Tucker & Julie Russell


Both Julie and Ronnie have worked at St. Mary's for a number of years in a number of roles.


Ronnie teaches 1/2RT on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Julie teaches 1/2RT every Wednesday and every second Thursday. 





1/2LS: Nancy Leone and Alessandra Sottile


Nancy has also worked at St. Mary's for a number of years.  She rejoined the staff last year after taking maternity leave and will teach 1/2LS from Tuesday to Friday.  Alessandra (Ala) joined the St. Mary's staff last year as our Physical Education specialist, a role she will continue in 2022.  Ala will teach Year 1/2 LS each Monday.




1/2C: Rhona Cloud


Rhona has worked at St. Mary's staff since 2020 in a variety of roles. She has taught Prep and is now very much looking forward to teaching our Year 1/2s this year.



The Year 1/2s will be supported in their learning by teachers Carol Hicks and Cathy Sims. Carol and Cathy have a wealth of teaching experience between them especially in the junior years.  Year 1/2s will also be supported by Learning Support Officers (LSOs) Frances Fazio, Adriana Everett and Jane Sammut.