Tuck Shop

Our Tuckshop menu has been carefully devised. Foods are categorised as Everyday / Healthy Choice (green) and select carefully (amber). Our Healthy Choice foods are labelled with a smile. We ask parents to support our attempts to improve the variety and nutrient content of the food offered to students by supervising their child's choice of food to ensure that a balanced selection is made from these categories.


In 2022 the Tuckshop is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


To order your child's lunch:

  • write your child's name, grade and order on a brown lunch bag
  • place the correct money (where possible) inside the bag 
  • your child should then place their lunch order in the lunch order box in their classroom

Lunch orders are delivered to the classroom prior to lunchtime.


The Tuckshop is also open for over the counter sales at recess and lunch times (subject to COVID restrictions). Children may purchase icy poles and other items. 


Click here to access the tuckshop menu. Please note that the menu is yet to be updated for 2022.


Our Tuckshop is managed by Mrs Amy Xu assisted by Mrs Catherine Thorneycroft. Both Amy and Catherine are ex parents.


We welcome parents who are able to help out in the tuckshop (subject to COVID restrictions). If you are able to offer help please contact the school office.