Tuck Shop

St Mary's currently operates and onsite tuckshop on Mondays and Fridays, as well as an online lunch ordering service on Wednesdays.


Mondays and Fridays


Our Tuckshop menu has been carefully devised. Foods are categorised as Everyday / Healthy Choice (green) and select carefully (amber). Our Healthy Choice foods are labelled with a smile. We ask parents to support our attempts to improve the variety and nutrient content of the food offered to students by supervising their child's choice of food to ensure that a balanced selection is made from these categories.


In 2024 the Tuckshop is open on Monday and Friday.


To order your child's lunch:

  • write your child's name, grade and order on a brown lunch bag
  • place the correct money inside the bag 
  • your child should then place their lunch order in the lunch order box in their classroom

Lunch orders are delivered to the classroom before lunchtime.



Click here to access the 2023 menu. Please ensure you are providing the correct amount for our Tuckshop team. 


Sushi is only available on Fridays and must be ordered a day in advance.


Our Tuckshop is managed by Mrs Amy Xu. Amy is an ex-parent.


We welcome parents with a WWCC who can help out in the tuckshop. If you can offer help please contact the school office. 




We have engaged KingWill Catering to operate an online lunch ordering system.


Here is some information from KingWill's Jo and Nicole:


For those of you new to the school KingWill is the business of two local school mums, Jo Williams and Nicole Kingston, who both have a passion for healthy and homemade food options for school children.  KingWill has been in business since 2017, and is a winner of the Hobson's Bay Food safety Awards.  We offer a large range of food options, mostly all homemade onsite, including hot food such as fried rice, pasta, hot subs along with freshly made sandwiches, salads, snacks, fruit, veggie sticks and fruit ice creams.  Ordering is simple and is via the MSC (My School Connect) app and with credit card payment.  Please see attached information on how to use MSC to order lunches.  We are a council registered, and nut free kitchen.  If your child has any specific dietary requirements, please feel free to contact us to discuss suitable menu options for them.   We are also happy to walk you through any problems or questions you may have about the MSC ordering system, please contact us on the below numbers, we are available weekdays except Tuesdays, from 8.30-3pm. 
For our returning customers we are wanting to inform you that this year we have changed our ordering platform, from QKR! to My School Connect.  Our primary reason for doing this is that a number of our Android customers have been having issues/unable to order on QKR for the past year.  Unfortunately QKR! haven't been able to rectify this as yet, so we looked for another solution.  The new app also has enhanced allergy notifications, ability to place orders for more than 2 weeks in advance, and for us to reschedule orders in the system if someone is off sick.
My School Connect is also an app/online ordering platform, it's easy to use, great customer support team and works for both smartphones and Android.  Please see attached information on how to download the app, how to get started/register your child/children and place orders before your school's first day of lunches.
As we are all very aware these days, nearly all businesses pass onto their customers, credit card fees.  In the interests of transparency, up until this year, we have always absorbed these costs, but unfortunately we are no longer able to do this.  You will see the charge of 33c/child in My School Connect when you place an order.  At the start of each year, our suppliers review and adjust their prices, and so we need to adjust ours too.  However at this this stage of the year, we are not going to do this, to reflect the change in credit card processing fee for our customers.  
We always strive to deliver healthy, value for money home made fresh food options to your children, and we continue to do that.
We look forward to feeding your children yummy school lunches this year!
Thanks in advance,
Jo Williams 0402781496
Nicole Kingston 0409115944


Please see instructions below:

My School Connect - Registration Primary School A4

My School Tuckshop - Step by Step