Year Three / Four


We have been working really hard on writing our persuasive texts in writing. We are trying to persuade our audience to stop littering for many convincing reasons.


There are many new language devices that we are going to learn about this week to make our writing more convincing. 


We had the best time at the whole school sports day, for some of us it was our first time. We loved earning points for our house team colours and competing in different events. It was great see the teacher and student relay, well done to both teams. Thank you Miss Sottile for a great event.


Our Year 3/4 teachers for 2022 are:


Year 3/4A: Randa Assaad

Randa began teaching Prep at St. Mary's in Term 4 in 2020. She taught Year 3/4 in 2021 and is very much looking forward to teaching the wonderful Year 3/4s again this year.




Year 3/4B: Nicole Barnes


Nicole began her teaching career with us in 2020 in Year 3/4 and will continue in that role this year.  She is excited about teaching Year 3/4 again this year.



Year 3/4S: Lisa Said

Lisa has worked at St. Mary's for a number of years in a number of roles.  She is very experienced in all year levels and the Year 3/4s will reap the benefits of her knowledge and experience once again this year.




Our Year 3/4s will be supported in their learning by Rowena Talbot.  Rowena has been on staff for many years and has taught across a variety of year levels.  Learning Support Officers Nicole Singleton, Milly Siebring and Marg Jones will also work across all three classes.  These ladies are all very experienced Learning Support Officers who have worked with us at St. Mary's for a number of years.  As well as supporting the Year 3/4s, Milly works in the library.