Year Three / Four


Our Year 3/4 Team for 2023


Year 3/4KF: Jane Kirkwood & Steph Murdoch


The teaching of Year 3/4KF will be shared this year by Steph Murdoch (Monday, Tuesday), who joined the St. Mary's staff last year, and Jane Kirkwood (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) who has been on staff for a number of years working in a variety of year levels.  As well as teaching 3/4KF, Steph is also our Wellbeing Leader.





Year 3/4HS: Jen Hall & Ala Sottile

Year 3/4HS is taught by Jen Hall (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Jen joins us for her second year at St. Mary's.  She joined us last year in Semester Two having done Casual Replacement work for us in the semester prior.  Ala Sottile will teach 3/4HS on Monday and Friday. On the other days of the week you will find Ala in the yard teaching Physical Education and Sport.  





Year 3/4S: Lisa Said

Lisa has worked at St. Mary's for a number of years in a number of roles.  She is very experienced in all year levels and the Year 3/4s will reap the benefits of her knowledge and experience once again this year.





Our Year 3/4s will be supported in their learning by Learning Support Officers(LSOs) Frances Fazio, and Marg Jones. 


Frances and Marg work on a part time basis across all three classes. These ladies are all very experienced Learning Support Officers who have worked with us at St. Mary's for a number of years. Frances will also run the Mini Lit program for a number of our students.