Aussie of the Month


Each month one student from each level of the school – Junior, Middle & Senior - is selected to receive the Aussie of the Month Award.


The Award acknowledges outstanding performance in such areas as: Behaviour, Work Effort and Social Interaction with others.


Photographs of the students are displayed on the House Team boards and on our Facebook page and a certificate and badge is presented to them at School Assemblies.  Each student also earns 100 points for their House team.






Jamelia is a sweet, caring and thoughtful member of 1/2G. She works diligently on her class work and is always willing to help other students and teachers should they need. Jamelia is always prepared for the day ahead and follows class and school rules. Her kind nature is recognised by her fellow classmates who often call on her to be their partner or for that extra helping hand. Jamelia is to be commended for her great attitude to her learning during lockdown. She was always happy and cheerful in the whole class or small group Zoom meetings. Congratulations on receiving an Aussie of the Month award Jamelia! It is well deserved. 


Amelia is a caring member of our class. She always starts her day with a smile. Amelia has a ‘can do’ attitude. She has a positive approach to her learning and makes every effort to challenge herself. Amelia embodies our values of being kind and caring towards everyone and she is an exemplary role model for our school. 

Amelia, we will miss you. You will be so loved at your new school and we wish you every success and happiness as you start a new chapter in your life.


Oscar is a responsible member of our classroom. He displays a quiet, calm and unassuming demeanor and during remote learning, Oscar showed increased growth in confidence and work endeavour. Within the classroom, he has an excellent attitude to all learning tasks and has developed a mature and responsible approach to his work. 

Oscar is a popular student, who works cooperatively and respectfully with all members of the classroom. He has been an excellent role model as the Green House Team Captain. We are sure he will continue to take an active role in his own learning and development. 

Congratulations and keep up the great work Oscar. 





Patrick has a real love of learning and enjoys everything school has to offer. He is a kind and thoughtful friend and other class members find him supportive, tolerant and fun!


Jody is a diligent, thoughtful and respectful member of 3/4A. She is highly motivated and strives to give her best at all times. Jody is a great self manager as she is accountable and takes responsibility for her own learning. She continually demonstrates the quality of respect to everyone who she interacts with.  Despite the challenging circumstances of remote learning, Jody demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and adjust to online learning.  She has shown great perseverance and sets high standards for herself that she works hard to achieve. Jody, you should be extremely proud of your progress. Keep up the wonderful achievements and efforts.


Koby is a kind, responsible and helpful member 5/6C. Koby arrives at school each day full of enthusiasm and ready to learn. This year has thrown up more challenges than most. Koby has tackled each of these challenges in a mature and measured manner that has seen him rise to meet these obstacles on a daily basis. Koby is always willing to help others in the class and sets an excellent example for others to follow. He listens to feedback, taking it in his stride and is always looking for ways to improve himself and his work. Congratulations Koby you are a real asset to both 5/6C and our St Mary’s community.





Emily has displayed a mature attitude during remote learning, completing all set tasks with enthusiasm and pride. Emily strives to do her best and has challenged herself, even during these difficult times. Well done Emily, you have thrived during this round of Remote Learning.


Miller is a joyful, hardworking and kind student, who is an asset to 3/4B. He is motivated to give any task a go and always produces work to the best of his ability. Miller is a responsible student who is eager to learn and take on any extra roles in the classroom. He is an active learner who engages in group discussions and demonstrates wonderful speaking and listening skills. Throughout online learning he has successfully transitioned his positive attitude to learning from onsite to online, obtaining the high standards he strives for, independently. He is always respectful to his teacher and peers and is the definition of a good friend. Miller’s exemplary behaviour makes him a positive role model and he should be so proud of his achievements this year. Congratulations Miller and keep up the great work!


Natalie has maintained a consistent and dedicated approach to their learning online. She attends set meetings and workshops and participates fully by contributing ideas, asking questions and offering opinions or suggestions. I can rely on Natalie to submit tasks that display care, effort and demonstrate her understanding of the learning intention. Her positive and enthusiastic attitude, along with her competitive nature adds zest to our morning meetings. I commend Natalie on her resilience and ability to maintain a home schedule that balances school work and wellbeing. A fantastic start to the term, well done Natalie!




Ryan is a very positive, respectful and happy individual.  He always has a smile on his face and a kind word for every person he speaks to.  He is always eager to participate in all classroom discussions and support other students when sharing. Ryan has shown growth in all areas of his learning, in particular with his reading. Ryan’s positive and friendly manner makes him a perfect Aussie of the month recipient. Congratulations Ryan! 


Jamie is a thoughtful member of the 3/4S family. He always shows his kind and caring nature by helping those around him. Jamie demonstrates persistence and courage when working and he willingly takes on advice and additional responsibilities. His manners shine through each day and his amazing smile lights up our day. He is considerate, follows our school rules and shows respect towards others. Jamie shows a true St Mary’s spirit. Keep it up Jamie.


Gisella is a responsible member of the 5/6KC classroom. She comes to school (both online & face-to-face learning), with a positive mindset and a confident, can-do attitude. Gisella is a St. Mary’s Social Justice Leader, who displays a mature approach towards her role and is super organised. 

She has developed an excellent attitude to the challenges of online learning. She has consistently presented her work promptly and to a high standard. Gisella  works hard to effectively manage her time and to complete tasks in a timely manner. She applies herself to all remote learning lessons and demonstrates confidence and maturity when sharing her ideas within small groups, taking on board feedback.  

Gisella is a conscientious and independent student who has worked hard to embrace all new learning experiences within the school environment. I am sure she will continue to take an active and constant role in her own learning and development. Keep up the great work Gisella. 





Adelaide is an enthusiastic, vibrant and kind-hearted student. She comes to school each day with a beaming smile full of positivity and is an excellent role model both in the classroom and during remote learning. She shows admirable care and empathy towards students and teachers of the school community and is admired and respected by her peers. She shows initiative and has a persistent and dedicated attitude towards learning.   Adelaide works hard in class tasks to meet her learning goals and takes pride and care in the presentation of her work. Her creativity and passion are some of her greatest strengths.  Adelaide, your vibrance and enthusiasm towards learning does not go unnoticed. It is a pleasure to be your teacher. Keep up the fabulous work! 


Laughlin is a friendly, respectful and helpful member of 3/4A. He brightens our classroom with a happy smile.  Laughlin is considerate of the feelings and needs of those around him and will make the effort to assist them voluntarily.  He is always ready to learn and listens respectfully. Laughlin is a hard worker in the classroom and always tries his best. Well done Laughlin.  Keep up the wonderful efforts and achievements.


Trinity has displayed an enormous growth in responsibility throughout this year, taking the role of senior school student and leader seriously, setting an example of how to behave and learn, to others in our class and level. She has been courteous and respectful of others, allowing her calm assuredness to shine through as a person on whom you can depend and trust. This has been especially evident throughout the remote learning periods, where Trinity has been a shining example of taking responsibility for yourself and your learning. She attends all class and group meetings punctually, participating in activities and discussions, completes all tasks to a level expected of her and assists others in understanding tasks and expectations where possible. I can not commend Trinity any more highly to be awarded the Aussie of the Month, with her can do and will do attitude!





Alyssa has a kind and caring nature and is always willing to support her peers both in the classroom and the yard. She always comes to school with a positive attitude, a friendly smile and enjoys sharing a laugh. Alyssa strives to give her best efforts in all learning tasks and takes pride in her work. She quietly goes about her activities in a productive and reliable manner, and works cooperatively with others. Keep up the fantastic work Alyssa! 


Denise comes to school with a positive attitude and ready to engage in her learning. She has demonstrated a lot of growth this year and is always willing to give new things a try. I am extremely impressed with the level of effort that Denise puts into her work and extra responsibilities. Denise’s kind and considerate nature means that she is always looking out for her peers, willing to help anyone. She is a valuable asset to 3/4B and the St. Mary’s community. Keep it up Denise!


Fernando is a kind, friendly and creative member of our class who demonstrates tremendous maturity and responsibility within our class. Fernando’s artistic passion and talents are widely well known within our class and the greater school community, his excellent work ethic and the effort he applies to all of his work is less known. It is clear for all to see the evidence of this fabulous attitude and pride you apply to all of your school work and not just your Art! Fernando continues to set an excellent example for others to follow, by always willing to help others and demonstrates excellent resilience when challenged by learning obstacles. Keep up the excellent work Fernando!



Thomas has shown a tremendous amount of growth in his ability to challenge himself with his learning this year. He participates in whole class activities, asking questions that enhance his understanding of the skills being taught. Thomas displays confidence when working independently and articulates his thinking, explaining strategies used to solve problems. I am proud of his determination and hope to see a continued dedication this semester. A fantastic effort Thomas!


Toby has the ability to work cooperatively and cheerfully with all his peers. He has developed a responsible attitude in the classroom, setting an excellent example of good behaviour. Toby’s positive attitude to school life was especially visible  during remote learning. He has a polite and friendly nature and has increased his confidence within the school environment. It is wonderful to see his personality and sense of humour shine through.  This year, Toby has proved himself to be a responsible class JSC representative. His proactive approach to thinking about and improving, not only our school but also his local area, stood out with a traffic management proposal that he took to Hobsons Bay Council.  Toby is an inspirational inventor who enjoys building and making things that solve a problem. He perseveres with challenges and takes time to think things through. Toby has a great imagination and during remote learning, he impressed us all with some of his brilliant creations. 

What a tremendous future you have ahead of you Toby. Be daring, be different and dream big! You carry all of that creative power inside of you.


In her first year of school,  Ella has shown great enthusiasm towards all her learning.  She is a responsible and respectful individual who is always the first to volunteer and support others where she can. She participates in all classroom discussions and works confidently in small groups or independantly.  Ella’s friendly and positive attitude makes her a joy to be around and an ideal Aussie of the month recipient. Congratulations Ella.




Dario is a caring member of our class. He shows kindness and respect to everyone and he always follows our school rules.  Dario is motivated and shows persistence when working. He listens to others and is always a willing helper. Dario comes in with a smile ready for the day and is a great friend to all his classmates. He is a true role model in our school.


Daniel is a hard working and diligent student with a caring nature. He comes to school each day with a positive attitude and friendly smile. He is organised and ready to approach each task, always giving his best. Daniel shows great pride in all his work. He is a helpful student assisting his classmates when needed and shows a love of learning. He always follows our school rules and shows true St Mary’s spirit. Daniel is to be commended for all his hard work and caring nature in and out of the classroom.


Helen has become a valued member of 1/ 2 N. She is always willing to help others and ensure that everyone is ok. Helen always tries her best to complete all tasks set for her and when she finishes her work she will  always endeavour to help others. She always displays a positive attitude and applies a growth mindset to everything she does. Furthermore she encourages those around her to be more resilient. We feel really lucky to have her as part of our classroom. Well Done Helen.




Juliet is a friendly and helpful member of 3/4A. She is a remarkable student who demonstrates thoughtfulness towards others and an enthusiastic class member who is willing to assist both staff and students without being asked.  Juliet is a dedicated worker and puts great effort into all key learning areas. She is respectful and well-mannered at all times and shows deep levels of empathy and kindness. Juliet is a treasured and valued member of St Mary’s. Congratulations Juliet.


Eilidh is  an enthusiastic and responsible member of our class who shows care and consideration for her classmates. In class, Eilidh shows persistence when working through all tasks and is always willing to help those in need. She is respectful, follows directions and follows the school rules. Eilidh is well mannered and caring towards her peers and teacher. In class Eilidh is a hard worker who takes pride in all of her work. Eilidh arrives at school each day with a big smile, positive attitude and is ready to learn. Eilidh’s bright bubbly personality is a real asset to our class community.


Emily started school with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. She is kind and thoughtful towards all her classmates and is always keen to make new friends. Emily applies herself diligently to all activities and works happily with any partner. Emily is such an asset to our class and a great example to all around her.



Tia is a kind and caring member of 3/4B who is considerate of all those around her. She comes to class everyday with a positive attitude and eager to learn and play. Tia is an extremely supportive student who regularly checks in with her peers and teacher. She demonstrates her love of learning as she consistently works hard on all her tasks and she willingly shares her thoughts and ideas. Tia also regularly goes out of her way to take on extra responsibilities in her class. Keep up the enthusiastic attitude!


Zoe has overcome many personal challenges this term. She has come to school ready and willing to participate in all activities and challenge their learning to her point of need. Zoe demonstrates an understanding of the school rules and is an excellent role model both in and out of the classroom. Her quiet and calm presence is welcomed in the classroom, this easy going nature makes her a wonderful contributor to small group and partner activities. Zoe has been able to reflect on her learning progress, set achievable goals and work toward completing them to the best of her ability. A level 5 effort overall! Well done Zoe.


Joshua is a responsible, honest and well-mannered student. He shows admirable care and empathy towards his peers and educators and gives so selflessly. His generosity and charism are that of Mary Mackillop, showing happiness in making others happy. Joshua works hard in class tasks to meet his learning goals and is always willing to ‘have a go’ to challenge his learning. He is admired and respected by his peers and demonstrates great teamwork skills in group tasks. It is a pleasure to teach Joshua and it has been fantastic to see his confidence and personality flourish over the years. Congratulations Josh, you are an asset to our St Mary’s community. 



Esther comes to school each day with a positive attitude and friendly smile. She is organised and ready to approach each task, always giving her best. Esther demonstrates a willingness to help her classmates and teachers. Esther applies a growth mindset and is willing to try new tasks. Well done Esther! Keep up the great work.


Isaiah is polite, friendly and has an inquisitive nature. He has developed a responsible attitude in the classroom and is always thoughtful and appreciative of others. He has a high level of interest and participation in all class activities. Isaiah strives hard and makes a consistent effort with all his work. He takes time to think things through and enjoys persevering with challenges. He uses his resourcing and reasoning skills to contribute valuable ideas to classroom discussions. 


Isaiah is a kind and considerate friend. He is a popular class member showing respect and being supportive of others. 

We are thankful for his happy and enthusiastic attitude to life! It’s wonderful to see his personality and sense of humour shining through. Keep smiling Isaiah!


Ronan is a hard working and diligent student. He shows great pride in all his work as well as a caring nature. 

Ronan is a helpful student to all his classmates and he continuously shows a love of learning. He enjoys a challenge and uses a growth mindset when working through these. Ronan always follows our school rules and shows true St Mary’s spirit. He is to be commended for all his hard work and caring nature in and out of the classroom.