Aussie of the Month




Each month one student from each level of the school – Junior, Middle & Senior - is selected to receive the Aussie of the Month Award.


The Award acknowledges outstanding performance in such areas as: Behaviour, Work Effort or Social Interaction with others.


A photograph of the students is displayed in the school foyer and a certificate and badge is presented to them at the School Assembly.


Bryanna has consistently applied herself to everything she has done this year. She is always willing to volunteer her time and talents for others and is a role model for her peers. Bryanna takes every opportunity to engage in the life of the school and values the opportunities St. Mary’s affords her. She embodies our vision of a caring Catholic community and lives this in her interactions both within the school but also in the community, showing caring, commitment and humour on the sporting field.


Dante has demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication towards all areas of school since day 1. He is always ready to learn and willing to give anything a try  Dante's friendly and caring nature means he is always looking out for his classmates and providing positive comments to brighten someone's day! 

Keep up the wonderful work Dante, you should feel very proud of all your efforts!


Aaliyah is a friendly, welcoming and courteous member of 3/4 K. She is always willing to provide assistance and strives to do her very best in all she undertakes. She is a positive role-model and thoughtfully encourages those around her. Aaliyah displays a positive mindset and can always be counted on to do the right thing. Well done Aaliyah!


Shiloh is a kind and thoughtful member of 3/4HT. She is always willing to support or assist any of us in any given situation. Shiloh is always prepared to give everything a go and always strives to do her best with any activity.  


Penelope is a caring and helpful member of the class, who always tries her best in everything she does. Penelope has worked hard to become more confident with speaking in front of the class. Well done Penelope!


Michael has worked exceptionally hard this year to be a committed, active and helpful class member. He has shown a high level of organisation, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and clarity when working to fulfill his roles as Footy Team Captain and House Captain. Within the classroom Michael has applied himself to learning, making the most of opportunities that arise and listening to and acting on feedback from his peers and the teacher. His joyful sense of humour always brings a smile to others. Michael truly deserves this award for his positive approach to school life and his high level of commitment to personal improvement in the classroom. Congratulations Michael on all you have achieved so far in Grade Six.


Jade is a dependable and responsible learner who has excellent work habits and consistently contributes to class discussions. She is a positive role-model and is encouraging in her interaction with others. She is always striving to achieve her learning goals and displays a  fantastic positive mindset. Well done Jade!

Sebastian has wonderful manners and an inquisitive and helpful  nature. He has developed a responsible attitude in the classroom and is always thoughtful and appreciative of others. Sebastian is a hard worker and an enthusiastic learner who makes a big effort to do his best work. He is an attentive listener and considerate worker who has a positive and keen attitude to all learning tasks. He has a mature and responsible manner and is able to work cooperatively with all members of 5/6C.
Sebastian you’re a star! An awesome young man with a tremendous future.
Samuel is an exceptional member of 1/2T. He constantly re-evaluates his own learning and consistently approaches tasks with a positive outlook. Samuel displays a high level of initiative, is kind and compassionate and is always willing to lend a hand to classmates. Great work Samuel.

Ethan is a reliable and conscientious class member. He consistently applies himself in all he does and strives to produce the best possible work. Ethan often encourages those around him and displays the quality of kindness in his interactions with both students and teachers. His quiet endeavours and thoughtful nature make him a wonderful student to teach!
Congratulations Ethan.


Shannon approaches her school experience with a can-do attitude and a sense of humour.  Nothing is ever too much trouble for Shannon and she juggles her leadership role and classroom expectations with aplomb. She is kind and compassionate with both her classmates and the wider school population. She is an excellent role model to the students of St Mary’s.


Sophie is an exceptional member of 3/4 K. She challenges herself in her learning and will consistently approach things with a positive outlook. Sophie carefully considers those around her and is always willing to lend a hand. She displays a high level of initiative and independent thinking. Keep up the great work Sophie.



Amelie (3/4HT) always strives to do her best at whatever she is attempting. She loves a challenge and approaches everything with a smile and a positive attitude. Amelie has a great sense of humour and brightens up our class with her infectious laugh.


Keely (5/6H) consistently displays a high level of independent thinking and decision making. She is always more than willing to work collaboratively with her peers and share her skills. Keely approaches school life with a positive attitude and always has a smile. Congratulations Keely.


Keria (1/2G) always enters the classroom with a smile on her face and is ready to learn. She is a kind, caring class member who is always willing to help others. Keira is a hardworking student that always has a go. Keep up the great work Keira.


James is a positive member of the classroom environment. He has an excellent approach to learning tasks and applies himself diligently to all activities. James has developed a good and responsible attitude to his work and his effort in Mathematics is produced to a high standard and very thorough.

He is a responsible worker who enjoys sharing his knowledge with his peers.

James is a friendly student and an excellent team player. He is a  conscientious learner and a willing classroom helper. We are all proud of you James. Well done!


Thomas is a kind and considerate student in our classroom who walks in smiling each day. He works hard during all tasks, always giving his absolute best. The way Thomas shows respect and care towards others is to be commended. Thomas is a great role model who follows our school rules. He has a wonderful, positive growth mindset which he demonstrates in everything he does. He is a fantastic friend and an absolute joy to teach.


Tiana brightens up our class each day with her positive attitude and enthusiasm to learn. She always works to the best of her ability and has developed a growth mindset to help her persist in challenging tasks. Tiana is helpful to everyone in the classroom and a very co-operative team player in group activities. Keep up the great work Tiana!



Jamison displays kindness and compassion towards all class members. He is an excellent team player and conducts himself in a responsible manner. He sets a great example for all with his good attitude, motivation and behaviour. Well done Jamison!


Ava has a responsible attitude to all her learning. She is a kind, polite and friendly student and a mindful classroom citizen. Ava is actively involved in all our learning experiences and always strives to complete her best work. She displays empathy and eagerly supports her peers. She has a happy, helpful and enthusiastic attitude to life! Keep smiling Ava!


Xavier is a great role model to his peers. He always listens and follows instructions. Xavier is a hard working student and a good friend within the classroom and the yard. He contributes to class discussions and is always willing to help his classmates.


Lorenzo is a compassionate and dedicated student. He always displays a kind and empathetic attitude towards his friends. He includes others in group activities and during play times. He gives each task a go and perseveres when faced with challenges. Lorenzo willingly shares his knowledge to help others. Keep it up, Lorenzo!


Melina is a hard working student who strives to complete work neatly and to the best of her ability. Melina is a caring and tolerant friend and an easy going and helpful class member. She should be proud of everything she has achieved this year.


Jesse is a positive role model, he conducts himself in a mature and responsible manner both when working with others and when working independently. Jesse gives 110 percent with his learning tasks, always aiming high. He can be relied upon to take on responsibilities both in and out of the classroom. Jesse applies himself to problem solving tasks, demonstrating the ability to think critically and creatively to see things through to completion. Congratulations Jesse.


Bridie has an excellent attitude to all learning activities. She is an encouraging member of the class and helps those who need it. Bridie has a great work ethic, constantly puts in her best effort, is organised and willing to give everything a go. She is an independent and motivated student with a real love of learning. Well done Bridie.


Jacqueline is a friendly and respectful member of 1/2K. She is always willing to lend a hand and takes the initiative to help others. She his hard working and displays persistence in her learning. Jacqueline always completes her work to a high standard is always happy to accept an extra challenge. Well done, Jacqueline!   


Maddison is a kind, helpful and hardworking student. She is always polite to her peers and adults and treats others fairly. In class, Maddison works independently and stays on task. She consistently makes good choices and is a role model for our class with her good behaviour. Maddison is committed to doing her best. Well done, Maddison.


Minh-Phi is kind and caring. She comes in each morning and greets her classmates with a smile. She is hard working and has a love for learning. Her caring nature shines through in everything she does. She follows our school rules and is a great role model for all her peers. Minh-Phi tackles her learning in a positive way and she shares her knowledge willingly with others. She has a true St Mary’s spirit and is an absolute joy to teach.


Mai has an excellent work ethic. She always tries her best and takes great pride

in her bookwork presentation. Mai has a quiet demeanor, a gentle manner with others and a positive attitude towards her learning. She has a creative flair that shines through in her beautiful, detailed artwork. Well done Mai.


Angus is a supportive and friendly member of the class who always gets along well with others and offers support eagerly. Angus tackles new challenges enthusiastically and with a positive attitude. He is a role model in our class for his good behaviour and work habits. Great job Angus!





Ava is a hard working and caring member of Prep D. She is a role model for good behaviour in our class and takes care of everything and everyone in it. She always completes work to a high standard and is happy to accept any extra challenge.  Well done Ava!


Olivia always shows a caring and inclusive attitude to other students. In addition to this she is well organised and approaches all aspects of learning with a growth mindset. Congratulations Olivia.


Jack constantly strives to do his best at whatever he is working on. He is a kind and inclusive friend to everyone and is always one of the first to offer to help keep our classroom clean and tidy.

Well done Jack!




Amelia is a kind, caring and helpful student. She works hard in class and puts effort into her work. Amelia completes tasks with quality in mind. She willingly shares her knowledge and understandings with others. Amelia displays good citizenship by assisting other students. She is very responsible and can be relied on to do a job well. Congratulations, Amelia!


Zoe is a great role model in 1/2G. She demonstrates great listening skills and is very hard working. Zoe is a friendly class member who is always willing to help her peers.


Nikita always tries her best during class activities and attempts challenges with a smile. She gets along with all of her classmates and shows kindness and compassion to all. Nikita is enthusiastic and is often the first to volunteer for classroom tasks. Well done Nikita!




Samuel is mature and enthusiastic in his approach to learning. He is always attentive and caring to those around him. Samuel is an excellent role model to his peers and always makes good choices.


Alana is always so happy and bubbly, which is a welcome asset in our classroom everyday. She loves to have a joke and approaches everything with a positive attitude. Alana has become more willing to tackle challenging tasks and to seek assistance when needed. Well done Alana.


Dhriti is a dependable and responsible learner who has excellent work habits and consistently contributes to class discussions. She is a positive role-model and is encouraging in her interaction with others. Her friendly, respectful and warm personality make Dhriti a fantastic asset to our school.




Ava always comes to school with a positive attitude, a friendly smile and is super organised. She strives to always further her learning in all areas. Ava quietly goes about her activities in a productive and reliable manner, she is happy to assist and work cooperatively with others towards successful outcomes. Ava applies a growth mindset to her learning and is a valuable member of our learning community.Keep up the fantastic effort!


Mackenzie approaches all tasks with a positive attitude and shows perseverance when faced with challenges. She is a great role model to her peers in demonstrating this growth mindset approach to her learning.


Dominic has shown an increased level of maturity and dedication to his learning this year. He is a good role model to younger class members and a thoughtful and supportive friend.





Logan always arrives at school with a smile on his face and an eagerness to learn. He completes his classwork to a high standard and follows instructions carefully. Logan’s friendly demeanour makes it easy for him to be friends with all and it is great to see him volunteer to help those when they need it.


Charlie consistently displays positive behaviour both in the classroom and out in the yard. She is a good friend to those around her and can always be relied upon to act sensibly. Charlie displays a growth mindset during all classroom activities. She listens attentively and follows instructions. Well done Charlie!


Lexi is a conscientious, hard working student. She approaches learning tasks with enthusiasm and determination. Lexi puts effort into all tasks and strives to reach her full potential. She can stay focused on tasks for an extended period of time and is able to work independently. Keep up all the wonderful things you are doing Lexi. You are a wonderful student!





Maggie has an enthusiastic approach to all learning tasks. She tackles each day with a positive mindset and an infectious smile, that grows and grows as her confidence in her learning develops.  Maggie shares her positivity throughout our classroom with her constant encouragement and helpful manner towards all her peers. Fantastic start to the year Maggie, Well done!


Anika is a thoughtful and caring student.

She is hardworking and is always willing to help others if needed. Anika follows our school rules and she continually strives to do her best. She is confident and she has a go with everything she does.


Tyson is a kind-hearted class member who is always eager to support his peers. He completes all tasks with focus and pride and he makes relevant and meaningful contributions to class discussions. Tyson often takes the opportunity to encourage others and is a caring and welcoming friend. He displays qualities of kindness and courtesy in his interaction with students and staff. His quiet endeavours and supportive nature make Tyson a valuable asset to our St. Mary’s environment.