Mental Health help

A new online mental health communication program, designed and delivered by young people and parents for young people and parents, has been launched.

The new program, called #ChatStarter, will see a unique and collaborative approach to community mental health support.

It comes at a time when the nation continues to face the mental health impacts of pandemic restrictions and COVID-19 outbreaks.

 was developed by the National Mental Health Commission in partnership with parents and young people who have experience of mental health challenges and Australia’s national mental health organisations - ReachOutButterfly FoundationOrygenbatyrheadspaceBeyond Blue and Kids Helpline.

#Chatstarter has two easy components to get involved in:

  • Visit and select one of the #ChatStarters.
  • Create your own ChatStarter content (video, post, reel, story) on your preferred social media platform, include the link to the Head to Health webpage so that more and more people can appreciate the benefits of starting and continuing a conversation with someone they care about who is facing mental health challenges.

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