Principal Awards Week 1

Congratulations to our Principal award winners for this week!

Tilly for all her great efforts in class
Valentina for making good friendship choices.

Thomas for always giving his best in all areas of his learning.
Isabelle for her great writing and spelling skills.

YEAR 1/ 2B:
Allegra for her brilliant enthusiasm for learning
Ethan for including magnificent detail in his writing

YEAR 1/ 2G:
Bridget for working hard on her persuasive writing
William for always having a go with a smile on his face

YEAR 1/ 2N:
Alexis for being such a great helper for Miss N 

YEAR 3/4A:
Minh-Phi for working hard and listening carefully at all times.
Daniel for always striving to complete his best work in class.

YEAR 3/ 4B:
Miller for his ongoing and outstanding effort in the classroom.
Chloe for always completing her work to the best of her ability.

YEAR 3/4 S:
Jakub for focussing on completing tasks
Sienna for her great effort writing an information report

YEAR 4/5 L:
Lochlain for a fantastic effort with his addition post-test.
Jackson for his improvement in reading with fluency with the teacher. 

YEAR 5/6C:
Livinia for your fantastic effort in all of your learning
Jai for your effort in writing your information report

YEAR 5/ 6F:
William for a fantastic improvement in your work ethic. Congratulations on a positive approach to your learning.
Daniel for preparing and presenting your research into environmental issues

YEAR 5/ 6KC:
Mason for his ability to work co-operatively with all members of the  class.
Gisella for her commitment to all areas of her learning.