Nude Food

In an effort to reduce rubbish at school and maintain our good hygiene practices, our Nude Food initiative will remain in place. 

Families are encouraged to send food to school in re-useable containers and students are required to take home any wrappings that they bring to school.

Fruit peelings may be put into classroom general rubbish bins. 

Students are asked to eat food they purchase from the tuck shop on the grass steps outside the hall.  All children should be seated when eating.  Can you please reinforce this rule with your children.

Although students are given ample time to eat their food in the classroom, and are encouraged to eat what is given to them, there may be times when children are just not hungry and are unable to finish their food.

Please do not put pressure on your child / children to eat everything in their lunchbox every day. What we are finding is that some children are hiding food in corridors and around classrooms so that they don't have to take it home for fear of getting into trouble. As you will appreciate, neither of these scenarios are ideal.

We thank families for their support of this new way of working at St Mary's.