Students Dive into the New Year!

Our students have returned for another exciting year, embracing the thrill of learning. As we settle back into the rhythm of school life, it is fantastic to witness the genuine enthusiasm radiating from each classroom.


St Mary’s is alive with pages turning and the contagious excitement of children exploring new books. Our new Preps and junior school have been actively engaged in new learning in the areas of reading and writing! 


Numbers have come to life as our students embark on new mathematical understandings. From basic operations to problem-solving, they are not only mastering concepts but also discovering the fascinating world of patterns and logic which has been demonstrated throughout the school.


Our senior students have been actively engaged in deepening their understanding about the Catholic faith by creating prayers which they will share with their peers.


Finally, in the specialist space the students have been enjoying a range of fun activities which have included a strong focus on collaboration, communication, reflection and team building. 

I also extend our gratitude to our passionate teachers who are embracing their new students and fostering an environment where curiosity thrives and the joy of learning becomes a daily experience.

As we embark on this new year, we eagerly anticipate the growth, discovery, and achievements that will unfold throughout this school year.