Altruistic August

In the lead up to our Spring into Happiness and Kindness Day (aka Yellow Day) on 1st September, our Wellbeing leaders, Andy and Judah are calling on the community to spread some happiness and kindness in their daily interactions.  At assembly last week they spoke about their mission. 


"We ask you to be kind everyday leading up to yellow day and to pass on the message - BE KIND towards others and BE HAPPY. Share a smile every day!"

The first message they sent out to the classes was also implores us to be be kind especially during the month of August and they offer us ideas about how we can do this daily in their Altruistic August calendar.  This is a great opporunity to talk with your family about altruism (showing a selfless concern for the well-being of others) and how we can spread happiness and joy throughout our community.

Download the calendar here
Go to their website for more information

What will your first action be?

Have a great weekend

Andy, Judah & Marg Masseni
Wellbeing Leaders


Respect • Responsibility • Resilience • Courage