Action for Happiness: Jump Back July

We can't change what happens, but we can choose our response. Happiness isn't about everything going well; it's about responding constructively, even in difficult times.  Recently RESILIENCE was chosen as one of our four school values.

Hooking into the Jump Back July calendar and the many actions it suggests would be a great way of jump starting conversations with the family about RESILIENCE and what it means; a great way to find ways of being a little more resilient when challenges come your way.

Check out the Action for Happiness Jump Back July here - Calendar.
It's full of actions to help us be more resilient.

You can also download the Action for Happiness app to receive daily nudges and be part of a supportive community putting these ideas into action.

Marg Masseni
Wellbeing Leader

Respect • Responsibility • Resilience • Courage