Refuse, Repurpose, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This term our 5/6 students have done some great work in learning about the environment and how we can take care of it.  One of their learnings was about the 5 Rs, including four actions that should be taken if possible before Recycling.

This week the 5/6s focussed on ...

For every item that can't be refused, reduced, or reused, try repurposing it. Many people in the green community refer to this method as upcycling. Sometimes it requires using some creativity, but the possibilities are endless. 

Our very creative Year 5/6s decided to try a repurpose activity.  The turned an old t-shirt into a very stylish bag.  It's easy to do.  If you'd like to have a go yourself , follow these simple instructions

Click here to see some photos of their creations.

Next term we will be appointing two Environmental Leaders. These leaders will look for opportunities to help our school community become even more environmentally conscious.  Our 5s and our Year 6s who don't currently hold a leadership position are able to apply for this role.

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