Year 3/4 Aquarium Excursion

On Thursday the 12th of May, the students in Year 3/4 were lucky enough to catch the train into the city to visit the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. They went there to explore marine animals and learn all about life cycles and food webs to inform their learning in Integrated Studies this term. 

Some of the highlights of this fascinating excursion were learning that sharks are one of the top animals in the food web, like whales which means that apart from humans, they have no real natural predators.

The students also learnt all about interdependence particularly, how each animal has its place and purpose within a greater food web or environment and how they all contribute to the survival of the others within that same web or environment.

For example, sharks are crucial to keeping oceans free of disease and healthy numbers of sharks in a marine environment, ensure there isn’t an overpopulation of fish.

Students also got to get up close and touch some shark eggs and sea stars. The students of Year 3/4 are very much looking forward to taking a deeper dive into all things 'life cycles' and 'food webs' during their inquiry unit this term.

Check out some of what we saw:

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Lisa Said, Nicole Barnes & Randa Assaad

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