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Term 3 Week 8


Education in Faith: Honouring Father’s Day in 2020

When we celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, September 6th, I urge you to take this opportunity to reflect on the strength of a father or father-figure in your life, his guiding hand, his wisdom, his help. God the Father gave up his only Son, Jesus Christ, so that we might be saved through him.

He provides an example of the very vocation of fatherhood. Fathers are to sacrifice their lives for their families. They do this by:

  • Being the spiritual leader and guardian of their families.
  • Praying for and with their families.
  • Being a courageous witness to the Gospel.
  • Providing care and support for their families.
  • Serving as an example of goodness and truth.
  • Leading with courage and accountability.


Today, in a special way, let us be grateful for:

  • Our fathers, by birth or adoption, who love us and support us through life.
  • Our Church leaders, who take on the paternal role of guiding us through life.
  • And God our Father, who will always teach justly and grant us boundless mercy.

The Prodigal Son is a reading most people are very familiar with. For today’s reflection, think of Dad. Note in Luke’s Gospel he says “While he was still a long way off, his father caught sight of him, and was filled with compassion.” Reflect on the thousands of times a father waits in vigil. Whether a son coming back from school, a daughter from her first dance, a child returning from a camp or time away: the gift of our fathers always waiting and watching over us.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, tatas, babas, vaters, das, vaders, grandads, pops, pas, nonnos, opas, oupas, babus, pappous, lolos and all the men in our lives who  hold a special place in our hearts.

Yours in Faith

Matthew Taylor

Religious Education Leader


Telstra - Parenting Tip Sheets

With increasing amounts of screen time with remote learning, Telstra has released a series of Parenting Tip Sheets to help support parents at home. Here are the first two in the series: Balancing Screen Time and Children's Personal InformationThey are both very imformative and well worth the read.

Spring into Happiness and Kindness

Many families celebrated the first day of Spring and 'Yellow Day' by making yelllow pic collages and and finding ways to share happiness and kindness. Thanks to everyone who sent photos through for Facebook. It was great to see everyone out enjoying the sunshine.
How will you send a ripple of kindness throughout the community through the month of September?


Footy Fun Day

Thursday 10th Sept is Footy Fun Day. We hope you find some great ways to celebrate the day with us. Here are a fwe suggestions from us!
 Dress in your favourite ‘football code’ colours (AFL, Soccer, Rugby)
 Create a special footy lunch for your family
 Put a footy background on your Zoom meets

Take some photos and email them to Mrs Masseni -

Here are some photo or video suggestions from the JSC…

  • You in your footy colours
  • Your class in footy colours in Google meets and get teachers to screenshot 
  • Strike your best footy pose 
  • You doing speckies, kicks, handballs, marks, shooting for goal
  • Dress up your pets in your footy team colours
20 house points for every photo submitted - Make sure you mention your house colour in your email!

Resources for Parents: Pandemic parenting

It’s intense and surreal (and sometimes claustrophobic). There are so many new expectations on parents at the moment. Many of us are working from home, managing our own stresses in a new environment with more or less technical difficulties.  How can we deal with all that is coming at us?
Dr. Justin Coulson writes a great article suggesting that we do less rather than more. 
Read more in his latest Happy Families blog post "It's okay to do less"

Aussie of the Month ~ August

Congratulations to our August Aussie of the Month students - Max, Isabelle M and Isabelle N.  Click here to find out why they are so wonderful!

St Mary's Spoonville is growing!

Have you seen our new Spoonville members?  It's been wonderful to see students popping in to 'plant' their spoon in our garden.  

It's not too late to add yourself to the garden. 

Watch Jamison's video to find out what to do. We hope to see you at school soon.
The St Mary's Spoonville brainchild of Jamison L in 5/6CT is coming to fruition. A couple of weeks ago Jamison put it to the community to start our very own Spoonville to further build our community spirit.



Click on the links to access a range of information & activities across our community, including news & information from the parish and local secondary schools as well as, this week, information about Creative Music and Workshops for parents re teens.
NEW this week...
Church Bulletin 21st October
Emmanuel College Update 21st October
Hobsons Bay Children's Week
Creative Music - Sign up for Term 4

Tuning in to Teens is heading into its Term 4 sessions so we’re getting the word out to parents who may want to join in. This 7-week program is designed to support parents in raising emotionally intelligent teens to improve relationships, communication skills and overall wellbeing.

Two Tuning in to Teens courses will be running in term 4:

  • Wednesday 6 to 8pm from 14th October to 25th November.
  • Wednesday 6.30 to 8.30pm from 28th October to 9th December.

Registrations essential. Learn more over on our

Emmanuel College Update - 16th October
Camp Australia
Joseph's Corner newsletter
Camp Australia

Principal's Message ~ 4th September

Dear families

It has certainly been a week of mixed emotions.

I would like to ask that you keep Mrs Said in your prayers as her dear mother, Molly Colletta, passed away this morning. Mrs Said & her family were able to spend some time with Molly before she entered peacefully into eternal life.

Today, we farewelled Lyn Wheatland, our dedicated learning support officer and librarian.
Lyn and her husband have purchased their dream property in West Gippsland, near Warragul.
In the brief time I've known her, Lyn showed what a dedicated member of staff she was. She was fiercely passionate about the importance of reading  and relentlessly promoted our beautiful space to staff and students.
Lyn has left a very clear picture of her wishes and dreams for our library. 
I thank her for her infectious enthusiasm She will be missed. 

I also share with you the sad passing of Michael and Sarah Cassar’s grandfather, Tony, late last week. From what I was told his presence and standing in our community will be missed and there will be many people mourning his passing.

With this weekend being Father’s Day, I acknowledge this time will be difficult for many of our families, remembering dads who have passed, but also knowing that many of us will not be able to celebrate this occasion with our dads or important male role models in our lives due to current circumstances.  Wherever you special father-figures are, I pray that they are blessed and feel your ever-present love for them.

We had a little taster of spring this week as we stepped into September.  I enjoyed seeing glimpses of yellow on Tuesday through our facebook page and the various class meetings that were held.  It’s so important to acknowledge the importance of being kind and making others happy.  I think this day on the school calendar will end up being a favourite, especially when I will be able to celebrate it with all the students and staff in person next year.

Mr Lappin was very excited to see St Mary’s so high up on the School Sport Victoria Virtual Track and Field ladder last week.  We decided it would be a great goal to see if our school could make it to the highest ranking primary school position by the end of the competition.  If we do, we will be arranging a fun activity day at school in Term 4 when we are (hopefully) all back onsite at some stage.  If you want more information, please contact Mr Lappin via email

I’m sure many of you will spend Sunday glued to the Premier’s press conference to see what the next big announcements will be.  I know we are all eager to return to some normalcy and I hope and pray we are able to get back to school soon and safely.

I wish you good health and blessings,