Year Four / Five

What Year 4/5 is learning this term...



Reading and Viewing 

This term students will listen to, read and interpret a range of informative and narrative texts in digital, text and multimedia form. They will use comprehension strategies to evaluate what they are reading and through activities in response to texts read, they will discuss how events, characters, themes and settings are depicted. Furthermore, we will be explicitly teaching students to read texts carefully and to locate correct information. Students will be taught to identify clues or evidence to support their reasoning. Students will be explicitly taught how to take notes whilst viewing and how this skill can be transferred to summarising and researching.



Throughout this term, students will be focussing on Narrative,  Explanation and Expository writing for different purposes and audiences. They will be encouraged to use increasingly difficult vocabulary, to enhance their written pieces and to edit their work for structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation and meaning. They will provide constructive feedback on the work of their peers using Google Docs and a common set of criteria to edit each other’s work. 



We will continue to use the SMART spelling program. Each week, students will work on a set of new words both at school and revision for home learning. 


Speaking and Listening

Students will listen to discussions, clarify content and challenge others’ ideas. They will make presentations and contribute actively to class and group discussions, using a variety of strategies for effect.



Number and Algebra 

Year 4/5 will initially focus on subtraction, multiplication and division operations. In the second half of the term, we will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages. Students will compare fractions to find equivalent fractions, order fractions, decimals and percentages on number lines and use their knowledge to solve problems. 


Measurement and Geometry

When learning about time, students will participate in activities that involve telling time to the minute, looking at timetables and  converting between 12 and 24 hour time. They will also be looking at elapsed time, calculating the time required to travel between two locations and determining arrival time given departure time.


Statistics and Probability 

Students will create questions to collect data, analyse data and represent it in graphs and charts. They will make observations about what the data tells them.


In Religion, students will examine the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit, how we gain hope from the Spirit of the Lord. We will examine the Catholic Social Teaching elements of ‘Care for our Common Home’ and ‘Subsidiarity and Participation’ to support our inquiry unit. The students will also reflect on the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the role that forgiveness plays in our lives. 


Personal & Social Capabilities

In Term Two,  students will be supported to develop skills and dispositions required to work successfully in groups. They will examine hope and gratitude as elements of character.



Our inquiry unit will investigate the question What impacts the changes to our global environment? 

This will expose students to the concepts of earth systems and the global environment, impacts of and causes of change, natural disasters, geological phenomena and sustainability.


Digital Technology

This term, Year 4/5 will learn the basics to share, collaborate and publish work. Students will be involved in Cyber Safety programs to keep themselves safe online. They will use technology e.g. iPads, Chromebooks, emails, etc. in an appropriate manner.