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Principal's Message 13th August 2021

Dear families,

I feel as though this lockdown has had a far more negative effect on us than those that preceded it. Perhaps it is that it happened so soon after the last, we barely had time to compute what was happening.

If reports are to be believed it seems as though we will be in this state for some time to come. It is the last thing we want, but I am confident that we can continue to keep doing our best for our children.

I know you’ve heard me say this before, but I am profoundly aware that there is no one size fits all when it comes to Remote Learning. Our model has been chosen and modified throughout each lockdown based on the feedback we have received. That said, it is impossible to implement everything that everyone has ever suggested. For every parent who wants more meets, there are those who prefer less. For every student who seeks out more work, there are those for whom the current workload is too much.

We are constantly trying to improve our practices, so we will continue to look at tweaking things moving forward.  We are fortunate to have such a great support team that is able to offer extra assistance to students who are experiencing difficulties or who need just that little bit more support.

It looks inevitable that we will need to change our plans around First Eucharist celebrations.  At this stage we have not finalised what these changes will look like, as you will appreciate, the restrictions can change so swiftly. We may move to the model we adopted for our 2020 Confirmation Candidates where we celebrated a smaller liturgy outside of the Weekend Masses which allowed for families to bring along more guests than other decisions would have allowed. We will communicate changes as they are decided and thank you for your continued adaptability and understanding.

I am currently organising quotes to refurbish the toilet block on the netball court. I am sure the students will echo my sentiments when I say these amenities are in dire need of a facelift. The refurbishment will include new partitions, epoxy flooring, new tiles and windows as well as a complete paint job to remove any trace of brown from the internal walls. Mrs Zimmerman and the Special Art Team also have plans for the outer facing wall. Watch this space!

Continue to take care and stay safe,


Maths In Action

We all know that Maths is one learning area that many students may find challenging. Most students enter into a maths lesson already fearful of not understanding concepts or of it being too hard. 


Whilst we target our teaching to meet the needs of our students at the point of their learning, it is also important to understand that having a productive struggle in maths is a positive thing. When students are given a challenge that is just above their point of learning, it allows them to develop critical thinking skills, persistence and resilience and an ability to use different strategies to engage in the investigation at hand. 

To read more click this link 


Footy Fun Day ~ 27th August

Footy Fun Day is fast approaching.  Members of our Junior School Council met with Mrs Masseni and Mrs Ryan today to begin organising.  We have planned for both an onsite Footy Fun Day and one which can be held online. We will let you know more in the assembly docs next Monday and through class meets next week.

Wherever it's held you'll need to be wearing your footy start to hunt them up!

Introducing ~ Niamh Bannon

I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I moved to Australia with my mother and father in the 80’s after being knocked back from New Zealand twice. I was a very bubbly, outgoing child who loved showing off and my passion for Irish dancing grew. I have been Irish dancing since I was 4 years old.

I was lucky enough to win the Victorian championships and go on and represent my school in the Australians where I came third. In recent years I started an Irish dancing school in Malaysia where we performed in front of 1000 people at a St Patrick’s Ball.

I have been lucky enough to travel most of Asia while being able to teach. The main places I taught were Vietnam and Malaysia.

Community News

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As well as our Church Bulletin, we also have news from our local secondary schools; Emmanuel College and Mount St. Josephs.

Speech Pathologist group Now We're Talking are also offering some on-site tutoring. Click the link for more info!

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Aussie of the Month ~ July

Congratulations to our July Aussie of the Month award winners.  Click here to see why they are so wonderful.

Altruistic August ~ Action for Happiness

Altruism is vital for the human race to survive and thrive; and each of our lives is supported by countless kind acts from other people. Yet in our world today, so much is directing us to think only about ourselves - and we often forget the happiness that comes by caring for others.

We want to change that. This August Action for Happiness asking everyone to take one kind act per day. Let's create a wave of kindness to spread around the world. 

Click here to download the calendar, which has great ideas for you to try.

Here's how you can get involved and make a difference:

This month's theme is based on Giving: Do things for others from the Ten Keys to Happier Living >> Find out more about the Ten Keys.

Keeping Safe Online

Join the eSafety Commissioner’s expert education and training team for two  FREE live webinars as part of their Parent Series.
Guide to Popular Apps ~ Taking a look at TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube!
This webinar focuses on popular apps used by young people. It will include case studies, research, and targeted advice so you can support the young people in your life to have safe, enjoyable online experiences

eSafety’s parent guide to online sexual harassment and image-based abuse
This webinar will provide parents and carers with an understanding of online sexual harassment
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