School Calendar

Are you keen to note upcoming school events such as school holidays, school closure days, excursions etc so that you can plan ahead?

  Then this is information you need to read!

You will find our calendar in two places:

1. Under the NEW 'PARENTS' tab you will find a link to our calendar in the drop down.  This calendar is 'month to a page' and events can be easily added to your digital calendar by simply clicking on them.

2. 'Quick View Event Calendar' is a widget at the very bottom of the home page.  Here you will find a short list of events that can be expanded. Once again, click on any of them and you can easily add them to your own calendar.

Please note the information in both calendars is the same as it links to our School Google you only have to decide which view you like the best!

Please contact Marg Masseni ( if you need help in accessing.