Student Leaders 2022

Today at Mass we congratulated and thanked our outgoing leaders and welcomed our 2022 Student Leaders.  In keeping with tradition, our 2021 School Captains handed over the school flag to our 2022 School Captains before leading our Year 6's out of the church through a Year 5 Guard of Honour.


Congratulations to...
School Captains: Sophie Belton, Daniel Surbevski, Jacquelyn Le and Koby
Wellbeing Leaders: Andy Jack and Judah Didenkowski
Social Justice Leaders: Amelie Callejo and Zara Azzopardi
Choir Leaders: Eilidh Plumb, Livina Lawrence, Natalie Myers and Zoe Nisbet
Blue House Leaders: Ashley Torre and Mark Morda
Red House Leaders:
Luca Devetak and Lina Heffernan-Morales
Green House Leaders: 
Kamryn Peet and Cooper Thomas
Yellow House Leaders:
Kayla Bond and Ethan Agius