Literacy: Summer Reading & Library Challenge

As we enter into the final month of the school year (I can’t believe it either), it’s time to think about avoiding the ‘summer reading slide’. 


Like many skills we acquire in our lives, if we don’t use them on a regular basis, we lose them. This holds true with reading, including important skills in decoding, comprehension, visualisation, thinking and language ability. 

Over the summer, it’s important to keep up a reading routine with your children that is easy to manage and enjoyable. Here are some tips to instill the love of reading and literature into your family routines:

  • Read together and discuss the information you’ve read 
  • Set an example - during down time, pick up a book yourself
  • Let your children read what they want for enjoyment - tap into their interests, this could include cook books, newspapers, magazines and graphic novels as well 
  • Read signs and packaging in shops, traffic signs, signs posted on hiking trail etc
  • Create a summer scrapbook to record events and fun outings, collect brochures along the way (also helpful for those with ‘Holiday Recount Writer’s Block’ at the start of the school year)
  • Celebrate finishing a book - draw the character, make cookies or treats around the theme of the book, act out a favourite scene or create it with Lego
  • Write letters or emails - have your child write letters to family or friends
  • Schedule a daily reading time
  • Subscribe to magazines 
  • Make your own book about a family trip or event or daily life 
  • Visit the library

This year Hobsons Bay Libraries are running a BIG SUMMER READ Challenge. 

What is the Big Summer Read?
The Big Summer Read is a fun way to keep you reading during the summer holidays. Using an app called Beanstack, you can track your reading and compete for prizes. The student in Hobsons Bay who reads the most books will win a $300 grand prize!

How do I sign up?

I’ve attached the instructions on how to sign up for the challenge below. There is also a paper tracking sheet that can be submitted for those who do not wish to use the app. Hobson's Bay Libraries


Registration has started now with the challenge running from December 1st to January 31st!

Sign up today and let your teacher know that you are enrolled, I have prizes for the first 50 students at St Mary’s who sign up. 

Some of the staff will be tracking our summer reading too (not in the competition but we’d love to see if you can beat us!) - so let the competition begin!

Click here to read more about it.
Sign up information

Please feel free to email me with any questions

Brenda Lycke

Literacy Leader