Book Fair

Get ready for this year's much anticipated Book Fair! 

Please read for an update on how the Book Fair will run this year

Book Fair (Tuesday 23/11 - Wednesday 1/12):
Unfortunately, the current restrictions still in place mean that next week's Book Fair will not be open before and after school. 
However, children will still have a walk-through tour with their class, where they can write a Wish List. An additional Wish List will also be sent home. 
To purchase books, please send your child's Wish List back to school with either cash or a receipt number, if paid online.
The Book Fair will be "open" for orders from Tuesday the 23rd of November, to Wednesday the 1st of December. 
Thanking you for your ongoing support,
Beryl (Book Club) and Milly (Library)

 Every purchase made at the Book Fair earns resources for our school, so come and take a look!