Reminders 10th September 2021

Dear families,

We have just about made it to the end of another difficult term.

I hope you are continuing to find the positives around you, even when they seem buried deep within our daily struggles.

I am often asked by parents if we are informed of Government restrictions before the general public. Unfortunately, we are not! Just like the rest of Victoria, we find ourselves glued to the screen during press conferences to find out what is going to be enforced next. 

To that end, we do not know what Term 4 will look like, though we are fairly certain, as you are, that we will begin the term with remote learning. 

There is currently a great deal of discussion occurring around ventilation in schools, but we have not received official word as to what that will look like yet. 

There will also be some directive given around what our reporting will look like next term given the amount of remote learning this semester. We will let you know about these decisions once we hear more.

Our School Advisory Council (formerly known as the Education Board) is currently finalising the new Terms of Reference that will guide our practices from next year. We are planning to hold our Annual General Meeting, or annual appointment round as it is now known, towards the end of Term 1 next year. This will encourage existing parents as well as those who are new to the school, to consider joining the SAC. Information about how to nominate your interest will be published next term once the Terms of Reference are finalised.

Next term we will welcome back Mrs Hicks and Mrs Talbot to Prep HT. I’d like to acknowledge the great work done by Mrs Cloud in their absence. 

Next Friday our term will end at 1:30pm. Particularly for those students attending onsite, please ensure you have made arrangements for your child to be picked up at this time.

I thank you for all you are doing to support your children’s learning at home. 

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone is looking forward to the upcoming break from remote learning.

Stay safe and well.