Social & Emotional Learning Groups

In the coming weeks, Liv (Speech Pathologist) and Rishika (School Counsellor) will begin some small group sessions which will focus on Social Skills and Loss & Change.

If you feel your child would benefit from being part of these groups, please contact Cathy Sims or Marg Masseni.

Sessions will focus on:

Social skills 

  • Taking turns
  • Winning and loosing
  • Initating, mantaining and ending conversations appropirately
  • Saying excuse me/ interrupting / manners
  • Thinking about others
  • Flexible thinking
  • Eye contact
  • Asking for help/ requesting
  • Social cues
  • Context appropriate volume

Emotional awareness

  • What are they- what do they feel like, look like, sound like?
  • Recognising them in others and yourself
  • Problem solving and coping skills
Loss and Change
  • relationship changes
  • the death of a loved one
  • removal from family members
  • traumatic events at home or within the community
  • disability
  • family breakdown.