We have several students in our school that are anaphylactic, which means they have serious allergic reactions. In our particular case students have an allergies to peanuts, macadamias, cashews, almonds, all tree nuts, kiwi, egg, prawns and salmon. 

If these students eat any food products that have these foods or traces of the foods, they could be put into a life threatening situation.

We are asking for your co-operation particularly if one of these students is in your child’s class, that NO sharing of food takes place.  If your child does bring one of the foods listed above, can you ask them to make their teacher aware so that the students can be kept apart.

Can you reinforce with your own child to not share their food with anyone.

On special occasion days e.g. birthdays, class teachers will have a ‘treat’ that these students can eat.

Students: These students are in 4/5L, 3/4B and 5/6KC.