Education In Faith: Advert Week 1

Next week we will begin our countdown to Christmas here at school. In our Church, we call this four weeks, this time of waiting and preparation, Advent. 

Although the first Sunday of Advent is officially the 29th of November, over the next four Monday’s we will be sharing a video liturgy to celebrate each of these important events in our liturgical year. A link to this will be shared on Mondays as a Seesaw announcement.

Advent Liturgy & Theme

Host classes


1st week of Advent


Year 5

Monday 23rd November

2nd week of Advent


Prep & Year 6

Monday 30th November

3rd week of Advent


Year 1/2 classes

Monday 7th December

4th week of Advent


Year 3/4 classes

Monday 14th December

The season of Advent is peculiar to the Western church, it has no counterpart in the East. Historically, when the birth of Christ came to be observed in Rome on 25th December in the fourth century, Christmas was taken to be the beginning of the year.  Thus Advent, once it took shape, served as the conclusion of the year.  It was at the time, characterised by an emphasis on Christ’s coming in glory at the end of time rather than on preparation for his nativity.  

In the time of Gregory the Great (590-604) the Advent season was shortened from six weeks to four. Eventually this four week season became universal in the Western church that combined three themes: spiritual discipline (arising from preparation for baptism), preparation for Christmas (originating in places such as North Italy before being adopted in Rome), and the last times.  It was only in the 10th century with the merger of Roman and Frankish liturgical traditions that Advent came to be understood as the beginning of the church’s year.  


Yours in Faith

Matthew Taylor

Religious Education Leader