Wellbeing: Woo Hoo! It is time to go back to school. 

Psychologist, Therese Sheedy writes...

  It's time for your children to resume their normal school routines and time for families to adjust once again....or is it?
 While this may seem like a cause for celebration, there are a few things to consider before you go popping that cork.

You and your child have been through a lot of changes over the past 6 weeks or so. 

There have been many times of great success where things have gone as planned, and no doubt, times of great distress where it seemed nothing went right.
Even though we have waited for this time to transition back, there will still be hurdles ahead for many little people and big people.

There is still a lot of uncertainty around caused by CoVid19 and many people will be experiencing some hesitancy of getting back out into the world.  These fears and anxieties are very normal and not to be dismissed, however returning to a 'new normal' is a great result of the actions we have taken as individuals and as a country.

But what are the problems you may encounter as you venture back out into the world? How will your little one feel and react to going back to school?

Some children will be very eager to get back to school.  Back to their friends, their teacher and their learning, while others may have actually enjoyed the physical and social distancing remote learning has created.  They may now be cautious about venturing out and it is up to us as parents to help make this transition easier.

To help I have put together some things to keep in mind and to try to ease the burden on everyone.

You may also need to navigate having one child at school and another waiting to get back to school.  This may cause added tension between siblings.

Go gently, remember you are doing something that other generations have not had to do, but .... you've got this!

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