Child Safety Policy: Student Version

Our Journey...
We understand that it is important to ensure and guarantee children’s safety within the community and the school. We also think it is important 

that all students know about Child Safety. 

So in 2019 the JSC discussed who needs to be kept safe and how we can do that and we decided...

that they would like to create a policy about it, in child-friendly language.

We came together to write our Child Safety Policy in kid-friendly language. 

We met together and looked at a policy from another school and we got inspiration from it. 

We decided on our own language that we all understood.
The Child Safety Crew then wrote and illustrated the policy.
We made our own pictures and scanned them into the document.

Now, our child safety policy will help to keep all children at St. Mary’s safe at school.

All classes have a copy of the Child Safety Policy: Student Version to keep in their classrooms.
Teachers and class representatives read through and discuss the policy with the students and it was used to inform the work we began with our 2020 JSC this term.


We would love parents to take a look at the policy and talk to their family about it.

Child Safety Policy: Student Version