P&F: Myths busted

The P&F Committee supports St Mary's through a variety of activities.  Some of these activities contribute towards fundraising for the school, while others provide opportunities for families to get to know each other and socialise outside of school hours.

There are often many myths that surround P&F meetings. Here are a few we’ve heard through the years.

We hope that in answering some of these questions, you may come to realise we aren’t so scary!

Myth 1: “I can’t attend every meeting so I can’t join”

Fact:   You only need to attend the meetings that fit in with your family and other commitments.   We’ve had members who attended one or two meetings throughout the year – they were still very involved in the P&F.  The P&F does stay in contact with members via email and SMS as well as through the minutes of the meetings.  We are also currently in the process of setting up a Facebook Group. Of course, attendance at meetings is great – the more people, the more ideas, the more possibilities, but if you’re keen to join when you can, attendance at all meetings is not required.

Myth 2: “All committees are cliques - I won’t fit in with them”

Fact:  The P&F is not a clique and will never become a clique – there is no gossip or sniping at the P&F - we adhere to the same Catholic values as the school.   In fact, some parents have found that joining the P&F is a great way to meet other parents and to support the motto of St Mary’s as being a caring, Catholic community.  This can be especially true if you are new to the school.

Myth 2: “I don’t have any experience organising things”

Fact:  Neither do most of us!  But if you can organise your children to be at school, with their lunch and in uniform (remembering their homework is in another league altogether!), then you already have all the organisational skills we’re looking for.  The P&F does not reinvent the wheel – any event that has been held will have notes, explanations and guidelines to help you along.  We always have more than one person organising an event so you will not have to do anything without support.

Myth 4: “I work, I have children, I’m busy, I don’t have enough time”

Fact:  We’re all stretched for time, more some days than others – everyone with children is busy - add on a job, looking after a relative or younger children, caring for pets, doing the washing – we are all busy, all the time. There are ways to be involved, even if you are very busy, ask us how you can join in.

Myth 5: “I’ll have to be involved in every event going and we’ve got enough things on already”

Fact:  Some P&F members can choose one event to organise or help out with each year and that’s all.  It’s not necessary or possible to commit to helping at every event.  All we ask is that you help where you can – that’s all the current P&F members do.  Some members can help with organisation or making calls but not help during work hours. That’s great!

Myth 6: “I pay my fees, why should I help with fundraising”

Fact:  Yep, we all pay fees but unfortunately the fees don’t cover everything.  Over the years the P&F fundraising has contributed to, amongst other things, the interactive whiteboards and the furniture in the TRI  Centre.  We are currently fundraising Without the work of the P&F these things would not be part of your child’s education.  

Myth 7: “The meetings go for too long”

Fact:  You may be surprised to learn that at their very longest, the meetings go for an hour and a half.  While we are a very friendly and sociable group, we also know how precious time is – meetings are for P&F business and a quick catch up.

Myth 8: “I’m a man, these meetings are only for women”

Fact:   We have had many dads join the P&F over the years. Dads play a vital role in our community and are especially useful when trying to arrange dads’ social nights, which have been a highlight for many in their time at St Mary’s. We had a new dad join us just this week. We’re sure he’d like to have a larger representation join him!

The P&F AGM is on Wednesday 8th June at 7.30pm.  

Why not come along, enjoy some refreshments, meet some other parents and see what you think?

For more information feel free to contact us or some of our current position holders:

Stacey (President): 0403 692 589

Andrea (Secretary): 0427 709 133

Aggie (Treasurer): 0434 930 518


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